Promote Your Business

With Custom Embroidered Corporate Apparel

tajima-speedyImage is everything and can make or break a company. That is why you should always look your best. You can with quality embroidered corporate apparel from Creekside Embroidery and Embroidery. We want you to look your best and go that extra mile to help you with our apparel and services.

Here’s a thought… think about tradeshows and how you could use your employees as human billboards. All it takes is a nice looking polo shirt with your logo on it to show others how professional you are. Corporate apparel is also good for promotions and incentives. Think about it, if you give an employee money for a job well done, how long do they remember the money? Not as long as they would always remember the jacket with your logo and their name. We have all kinds of creative ideas to help you.

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Our Corporate Apparel and Specialty Items include:

    – Woven Shirts

    – Knit Shirts
    – T-Shirts
    – Polo Shirts
    – Caps (Hats)

    – Jackets
    – Bags
    – Towels
    – Uniforms
    – Specialty Items